Thandi Allin Dyani

“My passion is…

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Gender and Racial Equity, working with companies to be better for the world, inspire new forms of leadership, to empower and create meaningful collaborations and to build ecosystems for impact and societal change on the African continent and the Nordics.

My work-path has lead me here always”

Copenhagen // Johannesburg

“My work and life is on two continents. I am lucky to have homes in Denmark & South Africa. I believe that I can create new narratives from Africa and contribute with my understanding and knowledge of the Nordics to build bridges between the two – culturally, in business and with people

My work, My passion


I inspire responsible leadership! I create circles of trust and I empower my team. I believe in people. The people I lead are stars, they can be trusted, become more than they think and transform into problem-solvers and independent do’ers. I develop programs, ideas and create strategies. I implement fast and learn as we go.


I build bridges, communities and impact! I help startups, companies, foundations and governments with social transition, equity and diversity work and building new ecosystems and networks for change. I consult and create journeys on all things JEDI, impact, social startup & Africa related. I connect, develop and matchmake people, programs, organizations and continents.


I love music and come from a family of musicians and music lovers. Music transcends space and time! It communicates without language and is a cultural exchange catalyst like no other. I have been a DJ for 25 years -rocking dance floors, empowering youth and women through music.


I am woman. And I consider it to be one of my top superpowers. I utilize being a woman in every aspect of my life – in my leadership style, my authenticity, my work ethics and my passion for the feminine ethos.


I am a mother with a capital M. I have two sons and am the bonus mother of 2 girls. I have 2 and I have 4 kids depending on when you ask me. They are the future and I work to make the world a better place for them – through my work, being a rolemodel and being authentic me.


I am a family person and I have a big extended one made of the people I have chosen and the one that was chosen for me. I cherish being a sister: of friendship, color and family!

Me, Myself and I

For the last 15+ years I have been focusing on social justice, equity, diversity and belonging, development issues, social entrepreneurship and ecosystem building in Denmark, Northern Europe and Sub- Saharan Africa. In government institutions, NGOs, as founder, consultant, manager and CEO.

Purpose means many different things to many people. For me a life of purpose translates into working with creating value, not only for myself by attaining my personal goals but creating impact for society through a collaborative approach. I am lucky to have been working in this space for quite a while – it has lead to meaningful encounters, fun and hard work and it has made me happy!

I am a consultant and advisor and I prefer to work towards most things that rhymes with justice! I work mostly with the BMW Foundation, inspiring, matchmaking and empowering leaders promoting responsible leadership as well as gender and racial equity. I also work with movements and organizations, such as B Lab and leaders who wants to journey with me towards unlearning and becoming more inclusive and equitable for us all.

I collaborate change makers and platforms to access new possibilities and broaden networks and foster radical collaboration and new types of partnerships with the good people from Reach for Change and the Segal Family Foundation. Before that, I spend my time supporting impact startups and social entrepreneurs as CEO of Impact Hub Johannesburg – it was rewarding, exciting and full of purpose. To foster societal change and cross sectoral collaboration, to empowering my all female team and to create meaningful impact.

I am an entrepreneur at heart, a change maker that lives by action orientation ‘lets just do something’ – and I do, unless I don’t – Action can also be ‘not doing’, as long as it is never alone. Experience tell me that we need more than one mind to do anything meaningful. with that notion I have co-initiated a few communities of practice. The (Un)Learning Journey of racial equity and The Gender Alliance.

I connect people, dots and organizations; and build bridges between my two continents. I split my time between Denmark and South Africa – now less since Corona ruled our world. I travel with my kids and my husband. Being from both countries it is a privilege to be able to work, live and love with a foot in both countries.

#ubuntu #equitydiversitybelonging #africarising #thefutureisfemale



Social Impact

I help clients build ecosystems and design interventions for social impact with special focus on startups, social intra/entrepreneurship, gender, race and the global south.

Network & Matchmaking

I am your network partner and I can match and connect the right people, organizations and sectors with yours globally.

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

I design workshops, create JEDI strategy and help organizations on their journey to to attain their goals and create equitable cultures of belonging.

SDG Strategy & Partnerships

I develop strategy and help create the shared value partnerships to attain your corporate goals perfectly aligned with the UN SDGs

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